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The QWIL First-Year Membership Program has been designed to provide a safe space for first-year students to have conversations, attend workshops, and learn more about QWIL's initiatives. All first-year students are welcome to attend our weekly sessions, which shed light on equity-based issues and how we can make a positive impact on our environments. 

The First-Year Membership group provides opportunities to seek mentorship from QWIL executive members and builds a support system for first-year students.

Want to get involved? Reach out to Eesha Kohli

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First Year Membership Program

Men’s Roundtable brings together a group of male leaders from the Smith School of Business and the broader Queen’s community to further the discussion on how to engage men as allies in women’s and equity issues. The meetings are hosted in informal settings and focus on open conversation and two-way learning for the QWIL team and the members of the program.

Men's Round Table

QWIL partners with different mental health clubs and initiatives at Queen's including the Student Wellness Centre, Bloom, and Step Above the Stigma to create Exam Care Packages for the student body! All of the items in the care packages are purchased from small local and Indigenous businesses in Kingston. Last year, all of the proceeds went towards the Kingston Sexual Assault Centre and Dawn House. A total of $600 was raised for these charities in addition to supporting 5 local businesses and supporting students with valuable mental health resources and tips during exam season. This year, proceeds went towards the Kingston Dawn House.

Want to get involved? Reach out to Ashley Mignault

Care Packages

QWIL launched a research study that aims to identify factors that affect business students' decisions to participate in extracurricular clubs, and to understand whether there are psychological barriers to club participation that may impact students' early career decisions. Under the assumption that participation in undergraduate extracurricular clubs can predict/affect early career decisions, this research will offer information on the factors that affect the decision to participate in extracurricular clubs (differentiated by industry) and how these factors affect different demographic groups (year of study, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation).


The analyzed data provides insight to student governments as to what is preventing/encouraging students to apply to various clubs, provides insight to industry professionals regarding the incoming workforce, and can be used to amend perception of certain careers and improve diversity and inclusion across industries.

Want to get involved? Reach out to Eesha Kohli

Research Initatives

QWIL hosted its first-ever Alumni Mixer this summer at the Smith School of Business office in Downtown Toronto. The Alumni Mixer was an opportunity for QWIL Alumni to engage with current executives and Co-Chairs while learning about how QWIL's vision has changed over the last few years.

Event attendees and QWIL executives came together to engage in meaningful conversations and learn about each other's goals, values, and achievements.

Want to get involved? Reach out to Ashley Mignault

Alumni Mixer

Want to get involved? Please reach out to us!

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