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Equity Summit

Through a series of activities, workshops, and speaker panels, QWIL's Equity Summit brings students from all across Queen's together for a day-long event to engage in conversations surrounding equity while challenging men and women alike to create reserved opportunities for traditionally marginalized communities.

Equity Summit 2022 | Beyond The Conversation

In November 2022, QWIL introduced Beyond the Conversation: A QWIL Equity Summit. The event took place at the Delta Kingston Waterfront Hotel, where delegates were joined by a group of dedicated and accomplished female panellists eager to share their stories.

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A Breakdown

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What Our Delegates And Team Have To Say


"I attended the Equity Summit last year, and it was one of the best events I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with during my time at Queen’s. The event brought together a diverse and passionate group of individuals dedicated to promoting equity and inclusivity in all aspects of life. It was great to see how acts of allyship could have an impact, and I personally learned how to better show up as an ally every day. Overall, it’s a great event for anyone committed to contributing to a more equitable tomorrow."


Ashton Seebaran

Comm '25

Equity Summit 2023 |

In QWIL's 27th year, we organized our second-ever QWIL Equity Summit. This one-day Equity Summit encouraged students, educators, partners and speakers across the country to come together for an unparalleled opportunity centred on conversation, learning and growth.

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 Let's Recap

The focus of the 2023 Equity Summit was Women Are E.Q.U.I.T.Y. The event consisted of a lunch at Jack Astors, workshops, speaker panels and fireside chats showcasing how women are Enterprising, Qualified, Uplifting, Independent, Tenacious, and You (E.Q.U.I.T.Y)! See below for a summary of what we planned.





A panel of women entrepreneurs as they recap their stories and learnings.

An interactive workshop to learn how to tell your story, build your brand, and show up as your best self.



An activity to help us uplift our Kingston community.



Gain confidence in personal finance and budgeting on your journey to financial independence.



A keynote speaker on determination, resiliency, and goal-setting.



Reflect on the day of conversation and learning with this interactive activity.

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