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Q.WIL Delegate Tips

As conference season at Queen’s is in full swing and the Q.WIL 2018 application deadline is approaching, we thought we would share our tips and tricks for acing your delegate application. These are straight from the master herself, our Delegates Coordinator, Christie Stelling!

Tip # 1: Highlight your recruiting and networking incentive. This year we have a very exciting lineup of educational speakers and incredible sponsors such as Burgundy Asset Management, McDonald’s, and RBC. Which are you most looking forward to engage with and why?

Tip # 2: Include a clear personal testament as to why you're passionate about diversity and inclusion. Q.WIL strives to empower females to reach their potential, and challenges both men and women to engage in the conversation surrounding gender equality. Are you taking a class about diversity? Did you watch the infamous Emma Watson UN Speech and felt motivated to effect change? Do you have any personal stories or extracurricular activities that demonstrate your interest in the topic? Tell us!

Tip # 3: If you're not a Commerce student outline why you're interested in attending a business conference! We welcome students from all educational backgrounds, but we want to know how your specific experiences and goals align with the conference. Have you attended a business conference in the past? Do you have the next big Dragon’s Den pitch? Tell us why you’re interested in business and what value you provide to a business-oriented conference.

Above all, we recommend that you be your authentic self! The application is a way for us to get to know you and understand the unique value you will bring as a delegate.

We look forward to reviewing your applications and seeing you at the conference in less than a month!


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